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  • Tribute to Jeff Thompson

    Sometimes Jeff would call me. He would say, “I just don’t like surprises.” Then he would explain a situation, make a request, ask about matters that were under discussion, and add his “two cents worth.” That’s what he called it. But it was always worth much more than two cents!
  • Moderator's Reflections: July 2018

    Over the past month, each association has held a special meeting to hear and discuss the restructuring proposal from the Vision Team. These meetings were well attended and brought forth numerous questions and suggestions, many of which were similar from one meeting to the next.
  • Commemorating Jeff

    The Ohio Conference UCC is sponsoring a time at Templed Hills to share our gratitude for Jeff Thompson’s dedicated service to outdoor ministries on July 28, and you are invited.
  • Work Teams Needed at Templed Hills

    There’s a lot of work yet to be done to bring our camp all the way up to the attractive levels we want. We have some particular needs, and we’re trusting that there are some work teams that are available to exercise and demonstrate their skills for the camp’s benefit.

Moderator Reflections January 2018 For the past two years, a Vision Team has been dreaming about new ways to work together as the wider church in this part of the country – Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and West Virginia. The Team has developed a visionary goal to create “one nimble and responsive judicatory that is faithful in mission and responsible in stewardship.” As you’ll see here, listening sessions are being scheduled so that you can interact with members of the Vision Team and share your ideas and concerns. Perhaps because of the work of the Vision Team, I’ve been thinking lately about what it means to be a Conference of the United Church of Christ. For that matter, what does it mean to be an Association of the United Church of ...

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