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  • What Is a Conference Anyway

    I’ve been thinking lately about what it means to be a Conference of the United Church of Christ. For that matter, what does it mean to be an Association of the United Church of Christ.
  • A New Beginning

    Templed Hills welcomed its first group on Friday, January 5! Did we mention that there remains much work to be done? If you, or your church, are interested please contact Joyce Oyler ( or Jeff Thompson (740-398-3746).
  • Imagining a New Conference

    The Conference Vision Team wants to hear from you! Your opinion and reflection are essential to the shaping of the future work and ministry of the United Church of Christ in Ohio, West Virginia and Northern Kentucky.
  • Transitions

    "It will take some time for these wounds to heal. Our fervent prayer is that God’s Holy Spirit abide with us through this. For a season we grieve. May the hope of the Risen Christ, and the deep wells of faith that sustain us, strengthen us for the work to which we are called for the sake of a mission that matters."
Advent Calendar for the Newly Single

Quite often, I’ve noticed that in August or September, my mind drifts to November and December’s holidays. I think to myself “Maybe we can spend this Christmas with our distant cousins… Maybe we will dedicate our Thanksgiving morning walking the annual Turkey Trot 5k.”  Items like this cross my mind as I anticipate joyous gatherings later in the year. But as we are making these mirthful arrangements, we never truly think our lives will drastically change within two or three months. The truth is this: the people who abide in our lives right now may not be present for our future Christmases. The unexpected occurs. A family member passes away. A long-term relationship ends. All of a sudden, the holiday season that we designed in our minds is no longer sustainable. Our relationship status can change at any point. Whether we break up with a significant other, finalize a divorce, or become widowed, we ...

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