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  • Hmmmm. . . of the month

    10/27/16. Hmmm...of the Month. Monthly musings which invite your thoughtful reflection and comments. From our Conference Minister in each edition of Connections. This month's topic: Just Peace.
  • Camp Happenings ...

    10/5/15. Looking toward the future of camp property and program.
  • UCC Response to Hurricane Matthew

    10/24/16. The UCC quickly responded to those affected by Hurricane Matthew. Your generosity to this disaster appeal will enable our churches to expand these responses and to walk closely with our neighbors now, in the immediate crisis, and through the long-term recovery process that will follow.
  • German Exchange Nurtures Young Leaders

    German youth exchange fosters leadership through educational and cultural immersion.
  • Moderator’s Note: Board Update

    10/25/16. When I drove to the Ohio Conference Board of Directors meeting in Dublin last week, it felt like a cold, rainy and dreary day until I saw and heard the gifts that were being shared by the Board of Directors.
  • Camp Happenings ...

    10/5/15. Looking toward the future of camp property and program.
The Future Right in Front of Us

This past summer my family and I went on a trip of a lifetime to Walt Disney World with my parents. Beyond the heat, it truly was magical in every way. As a part of our trip we went to the Pixar Animations Studio where they had a “Short Film Festival” one afternoon. This little festival had a few modern short films and also short films dating back to the beginning of Pixar. This all-3D experience was quite entertaining all the way around. As we waited for the festival to begin, they were showing a brief film history of Pixar Animations. Early in their history, one of the key Pixar leaders had become a grandfather for the first time. He was sitting in his office with his grandson playing with some toys. As kids will do, they take inanimate objects and make them come alive. As ...

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