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  • Responding Faithfully to Drug Epidemic

    4/4/2017 Will you share stories and resources and ideas with me about what you do to help families who must deal with rehabilitation, how you counsel young people to avoid being sucked into addictive behaviors, how you support community agencies and schools and specialized ministries that deal with prevention and recovery?

  • Be a General Synod Partner

    3/20/2017 Become a General Synod Partner by supporting an Ohio delegate. THEN, connect with them live via email and social media from inside the plenary sessions of General Synod 31, Baltimore – June 30-July 4.

  • Moderator Letter: Lent – a Time to Refocus

    4/4/2017 Lent is a time of refocusing, a time to repent, to turn to God, or return to God, to refocus oneself on God. There are many ways to do this. For me, being with God at a thin place helps me to do this.

  • Saddened Board Votes to Sell Pilgrim Hills

    2/20/17 With great sadness, we announce that the Ohio Conference Board of Directors voted at its Feb. 17 meeting to sell its Pilgrim Hills Camp. We will hold our summer camping program at this site in summer 2017, but will move programming to Templed Hills Camp beginning in Fall 2017.

Building Bridges on the March

When a friend asked me to go to the Women’s March on Washington with her, my gut response was to say, “Yes!” But then I considered the complexities of how my march participation might impact my role in the church. I serve as director of youth ministry at Westerville Community UCC,  where socio-political views are as diverse as they are impassioned. As a Member in Discernment with the Central Southeast Association, I was keenly aware that my participation in the march would be my choice as a private citizen, but my discernment journey means I represent the Church in all aspects of my life. (But shouldn’t that be true for all Christians?)
Would going to the march put a wedge between me and church members, I wondered? I ultimately decided to go. I listened to God’s greater call for me and felt God compelling me to “be the church” …

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