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  • The Art and Power of Noncombative Communication

    6/6/2017 As a follow-up to our wildly popular Art and Power of Active Listening Workshop last January, the Ohio Conference will host another workshop on August 30-31. We’ll share our own stories as we discover effective ways to address conflicting values and opinions in our ministries.
  • Change is the Constant

    5/2/2017 What makes this time interesting is the great change occurring in the conference. Some of the change is exciting — especially as we look to the future — but some of the change is disheartening, says Conference Treasurer, Rev. Sam Buehrer.
A Conference in the “In Between” Spaces

Have you ever been to a conference where after you arrived back home you realized that the best conversations took place in the “in between” spaces? In other words, it was when you went out for drinks with fellow conferees or had morning coffee with new friends. Have you ever been to a conference and wished that there was more time to share ideas and collaborate with your fellow conferees instead of being talked at by “experts” for most of the conference? What if you realized during the conference that you had expertise on a particular theme or topic, but that there was not a way of sharing it widely? Back in 2015 I went to an “un-conference” at Stony Point, NY. It was and is still called UNCO. This particular un-conference was around 40-50 participants deeply interested in Jesus, the present church, the future church, creative expressions of worship ...

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