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  • Behind the Stable

    12/15/16 Let what happened inside the barn inspire you to transform what lies behind the stable. In every way every day live so that the ways of the Christ-child continue to inform and transform the society into which we are called as God’s servants.

  • Board Report to All Ohio Conference Members

    12/12/16. At the December 9 Ohio Conference Board meeting, after a good discussion about outdoor ministry, our two camps, faith formation and our financial reality, votes were scheduled for the February Board meeting.

  • Is Opportunity an Obligation?

    1/1/17 When we claim Christ’s name as part of our own identity, we are obliged to capitalize on opportunities to make a difference where we live, study, worship, and work. That is our ministry!

  • Treasurer’s Note: A Fall Full of Surprises

    11/26/16. There are not many options open for balancing the budget based upon the expected income without dramatically changing how the conference ministries are currently managed and funded.

  • Helpful Changes to 2017 Camp Registration

    1/1/17 To improve our campers’, volunteers’ and staff’s experience of our online registration system and to increase our ability to provide you with excellent hospitality upon your arrival, several major improvements are planned for 2017.

  • UCC Response to Hurricane Matthew

    10/24/16. The UCC quickly responded to those affected by Hurricane Matthew. Your generosity to this disaster appeal will enable our churches to expand these responses and to walk closely with our neighbors now, in the immediate crisis, and through the long-term recovery process that will follow.

Water is Life: An Invitation to Sacred Journey

Over the years I have protested. My first protest, with tiny babe in arms, against development of Trident Missiles. My most recent opportunity came when the Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer, UCC General Minister and President, and numerous other religious leaders called for clergy to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe at Canonball, North Dakota Why? As the Standing Rock Sioux have dubbed their movement, MNI WICONI. Water is Life. They were taking a stand to protect the clean, cold, flowing water from the Dakota Access Pipeline. The nearest source of fresh water.
The image expanded as my husband Matthew and I wondered whether we should go. By morning, a sense of call was strong and clear. It was impractical, inconvenient, yet when I pressed for it to go away the inner tug would not disappear. I felt called to stand with the Standing Rock Souix Water Protectors.
Water is life.
I …

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