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  • Farewell to Pilgrim Hills

    Surely the prospect of closing out the long history of your faith adventures at this cherished camp site provokes endless memories. Tears and grief are an essential part of the experience we are sharing.
What Churches Can Learn from “Doctor Who”

I’m a big fan of the TV show Doctor Who. I saw my first episodes of the British science fiction show when I was in elementary school, have enjoyed the newer seasons that began airing in 2005, and have been working my way through previous seasons as I’ve been able. In the parlance of fan culture, you could call me a “Whovian.” The notable thing about the show’s title character is that The Doctor is from an alien species — the Time Lords — who don’t actually die. Instead, they regenerate, meaning that whenever their bodies suffer life-ending injury, they go through a process where they take on a new form. This was the creators’ solution to the all-too-human problem of actors moving onto new jobs. Over the course of the show’s 50+ year history, 13 actors have played The Doctor. They have all been men, and each has put his ...

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