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  • Summer Camp!

    Outdoor Ministries provides programming, resource support and rental facilities for Christian summer camp, church and fellowship retreats (all denominations), year-round Outdoor Ministries events, and many private and business events.
  • The Tom Paton Award

    Honoring Conference Churches and Ministries Committed to Accessibility. Could your church be a “Tom Paton Award” church?
  • Conference Minister's Reflections

    What does life look like to you when it is rooted and grounded in love? This is not just a theoretical question but a deeply practical one that has implications for the whole human family and for our life together in the United Church of Christ.
  • Conf. Moderator's Reflections

    For many – and I’m definitely one – camp is a “thin place” where it is easier to feel God’s presence. That’s why I’m so glad that the Conference is focusing resources on improving and sustaining our outdoor ministry program.
  • News from the Hills

    Summer is here and camp is about to begin! There are still spots available so if you haven’t registered, there’s still time.

Moderator Reflections January 2018 For the past two years, a Vision Team has been dreaming about new ways to work together as the wider church in this part of the country – Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and West Virginia. The Team has developed a visionary goal to create “one nimble and responsive judicatory that is faithful in mission and responsible in stewardship.” As you’ll see here, listening sessions are being scheduled so that you can interact with members of the Vision Team and share your ideas and concerns. Perhaps because of the work of the Vision Team, I’ve been thinking lately about what it means to be a Conference of the United Church of Christ. For that matter, what does it mean to be an Association of the United Church of ...

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