Board of Directors

Information from our Ohio Conference UCC Board of Directors.

Conference Moderator’s Reflections

“There Is Nothing New Under the Sun.” It is easy to use the scripture from Ecclesiastes as a way of determining that all efforts are futile. I choose to view it from a different side.

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Board of Directors Update

Dear Siblings in Christ, Like all of you, we, as a Board are learning to meet via our Zoom network… While challenging, we do want to call attention to the continued ministry of the Conference. Here are some highlights from the last 6 weeks.

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Conference Restructuring

Seventeen months ago, those present at the Conference Annual Meeting voted an affirmation to proceed forward with the creation of a structure “…which unifies the existing Associations…and the Ohio Conference into One Body.”

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Conference Moderator’s Reflections

The passing of time is measured differently by each of us. Being born in 1950 some years stuck in my head as being especially important. As a four-year-old, the year 2000 seemed far distant and perhaps even worrisome.

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