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Executive Director of Outdoor Ministries Job Opening

Applications for the permanent Director of Outdoor Ministries position will be due soon. The application deadline is July 31, so there are only 15 days remaining to submit an application!

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Conf. Moderator’s Reflections

For many – and I’m definitely one – camp is a “thin place” where it is easier to feel God’s presence. That’s why I’m so glad that the Conference is focusing resources on improving and sustaining our outdoor ministry program.

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Conference Minister’s Reflections

What does life look like to you when it is rooted and grounded in love? This is not just a theoretical question but a deeply practical one that has implications for the whole human family and for our life together in the United Church of Christ.

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Conference Moderator’s Reflections

The Conference Board of Directors met on May 17. A wide variety of topics were discussed of which these are the highlights…

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