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Work Teams Needed at Templed Hills

There’s a lot of work yet to be done to bring our camp all the way up to the attractive levels we want. We have some particular needs, and we’re trusting that there are some work teams that are available to exercise and demonstrate their skills for the camp’s benefit.

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Tribute to Jeff Thompson

Sometimes Jeff would call me. He would say, “I just don’t like surprises.” Then he would explain a situation, make a request, ask about matters that were under discussion, and add his “two cents worth.” That’s what he called it. But it was always worth much more than two cents!

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Commemorating Jeff

The Ohio Conference UCC is sponsoring a time at Templed Hills to share our gratitude for Jeff Thompson’s dedicated service to outdoor ministries on July 28, and you are invited.

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The Passing of Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson, our camp manager at Templed Hills, formerly camp manager of Pilgrim Hills, died suddenly Friday night in his home at Templed Hills.

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